Types of Sex

Sex is often not talk openly especially when we are younger.

On top of reproduction purpose, sex  is a form of exercise which release stress and one of the intimate way to show our love in a relationship.

Though there are different types of sex, we categorize it to two main types, which are penetrative sex and non penetrative sex.

Types of Sex:

Penetrative sex/intercourse is insertion of penis into vagina or anus.

Vagina sex is the most common sex people think of and which can lead to pregnancy if no contraceptive measure is in place.

Other than vaginal and anal intercourse, the rest of sexual activity are considered as non penetrative/outercourse.

For instance, non penetrative sex includes dirty talk/text, massage, tickling, kissing, oral sex, masturbation, etc.

Some non penetrative serves as foreplay to further stimulate and arouse the desire of your lover or yourself before intercourse.

Dirty talk/text:

Sending nude or near nude pictures or sexually suggestive text messages via cell phone or posting them on social networking.


Couples massage can increase level of intimacy. Add some flavoured oil to turn on partners.


Using tickler, flogger or fingers to arouse your partner.


Kissing, use your lip to touch your lover’s lip or other parts of body.  Foreplay to arouse sexual desire.

Frottage (dry humping/dry sex):

Rubbing any part of your body (e.g buttocks, the breasts, abdomen, thighs, feet, hands, legs and sexual organs) against your lover sexual organ whether naked or clothed.

Oral sex:

This involves contact between the mouth and the genitals. We call it blowjob or fellatio when perform on penis. When perform on female genitalia – cunnilingus; on anus- anilingus/rimming.


Touching yourself  for the sexual pleasure.

Mutual Masturbation:

Self-stimulate in front of your partner.

Or partners manually stimulating each other, such as a man fingering a woman while she stimulates his genitals with her hand.

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