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During our annual gathering, we talked everything and anything.

And, we finally reached the relationship topic.

Although some of us are in LTR and some are still single, we realized that we spent almost 30% of our time between the sheets.

Unfortunately, some of us had rarely reached orgasm when solo or partner play, feel old plays, partner was not by the side when the mood took us.

Some frustrated had been getting new partners trying to get more happy satisfied sex life.

Unfortunately, the issue had persisted even after getting new partners.

Instead of hiding the sex toy and keep getting new partner or bored with the solo play, why not teaching the partner how to use the sex toy together to reach better orgasms or add some novelty even when solo play?

At the same time, we were wondering would there be any special sexual chemistry between certain zodiacs or would there be particular sex toy best suited certain zodiac?

Sounds interesting? Oh it is.

However, majority of us feel embarrassed to physically visit the store to look for the sex toys.

This had sparked us to create this online store Pleasure Happy, a UK sex toys store to help individuals or couples to experience better sex and  to reignite the passion with astrology guidance.

While we bringing pleasure to you, we are also delivering happiness to those in need by contributing to non-profit organisations with every purchase you made.

Wondering what sex toys easily turn on particular zodiac ? Check here.