Best Sex Toys According to Your Zodiac Signs

Wondering why better sexual chemistry & compatibility between certain zodiacs?

If you find something missing between your and your lover, you can still find the sex toys that help you or your lover to reach maximum pleasure according to your or your lover zodiac sign.

On top of sun sign, you could look further to Venus & Mars in your chart which integrate with sun sign in influencing your love style.

If you have three planets in three different signs, you’ll have a layered effect, which means you can look at all three signs and blend them for maximum sexual expression.

No worry if you don’t know your or your lover full chart, you can still get some info based on your Sun zodiac sign.



As an Aries, you like to win and to dominate , thanks to your ruler – Mars. Hence, try on BDSM which let you take control.

And, to turn the bedroom sprint into a marathon, put on a vibrating cock ring for extra stamina and stimulation to satisfy yourself, the athletic babes.


Taureans are well known for her sensation nature.

You fail to resist good food, nice environment and the sensual touch on your skin.

As such, try on flavoured lube and blindfold that will heighten your senses.


Geminis  are really curious , need variety and love surprise.

Add role play into your sexual life and try out new toys to keep you excited!


Sensitive , homely zodiac sign, always craves comfort and safety.

You like toys that you can in touch with you when retreat into your shell  for recharge.

Finger vibrator could be a good fit to this.

You may want to give vibrating love egg to your lover for them to push the button and observe what they do to build the trust.


Leos love to stand out – harness will help you to highlight your favorite body parts.

And, you got the biggest, best and bounciest orgasms- the advanced vibrator will satisfy your desire.

Self confidence & pride, treat yourself or your Leo lover by  investing in a Clone-a-Willy or Clone-a-Pussy kit to remind your lover what they’re missing when the Leos are away on business trips.


Virgos are practical , perfectionist, value cleanliness and like things done in a particular way.

You love keeping things classic to start, a non vibrating dildo is your favourite.

Nipple Clamps , a sex toy which you can teach your lover  how to use it on you will be a big turn on.

As a perfectionist & value cleanliness, a set of ben wa balls for Kegels toning will be a good fit to this purpose.


You love beauty and you don’t like to do stuff on your own.

Getting a play kit of toys or couples vibrator to try on each other will keep you stay interested.


Vibrating butt plugs are the answer to Scorpios secret side.

Impact toys like floggers and paddles let you push boundaries, experiment with power and control, and slip into a sub-space , the dark wild side.


Sagittarius love to travel and experiment new thing.

Investing in some kinky and easy-access underwear to express the spontaneity whenever the mood takes you

Ans, also sex swing that free you from an attic beam.


Bullet vibrator is perfect for  you as Capricorns value discretion in all endeavours.


Aquariuses gravitates toward the unique and unexpected (e.g nip balm)

Sex machine or furniture , and strap-on with interchangeable attachments will be on your list.


Indulge  in toys that you can enjoy during bathing such as waterproof coloured vibe or massaging oil or candle that can be used to connect with lover.


Millions of people believe in what they read about zodiacs.

What about you?


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